December, 2015

Kolchey Galil Elion

Kolchey Galil Elion
  • Location: Galil Elion, Israel
  • Project Type: Consultation
  • Wastewater: Domestic


Galil Elion Water & Sewage Corporation operates 15 extensive WWTP in the Galil Elion region. The Israeli authorities have a strict requirements for effluent quality which sometimes may lead to unneeded upgrade of extensive WWTP to intensive Electro Mechanical WWTP. The extensive approach allowing Galil Elion Corporation maintaining a low cost operation while fulfilling the authority’s requirements.

 Triple T escorts Galil Elion Water & Sewage Corporation with:

  1. Regulate WWTP statutory.
  2. Existing WWTP design upgrades reaching the authorities high effluent quality requirements while preserving the extensive approach, due to maximize of the existing resources, minimize the investment of electro mechanical equipment and operational optimization.
  3. Location alternatives survey for Kiryat Shmona WWTP. Techno finance examination of the WWTP location alternatives which takes into account the regional situation of existing WWTP, existing effluent reservoirs in the area for irrigation, pipelines and environmental hazards.