Triple-T is constantly pushing the boundary of our wastewater treatment technology through innovative pilots and field studies. Pilots enable our research and development team to measure, analyze and optimize new treatment technologies before they transformed into full-scale systems. This ensures that every technology designed by our engineering team has to first be proven in the field.

Pilots can also be constructed to prove feasibility of an existing solution to a new client abroad. Using the latest technology in the fields of biochemistry, hydrology and remote monitoring, Triple-T designs each pilot to meet the client’s individual requirements. One designed, Triple-T can install the pilot on the client’s site, or in it’s own laboratory located in Israel. Throughout the duration of the pilot, design and operational parameters are collected and used as a basis for planning the full-scale system. The client is kept up-to-date with the results, and receives a full report at the conclusion of the pilot.

Financing of the pilot can be handled in a number of ways, depending on the size and client’s preference for payment. Options include direct purchase, hourly consulting rates or including the pilot as a part of the full-scale system.