With over 25 years of operating and maintaining large wastewater treatment plants in Israel, Triple-T’s provides its clients with the comfort of experienced hands-on operational support.

Our goal is to make our client’s lives easier, by taking on the day-to-day challenges of running wastewater treatment facilities. Our operations team employees a wide array of knowledge and expertise including biochemistry, hydrology, mechanical engineering, sampling, and good old fashion problem solving. Our team is frequently on site, conducting weekly samples from each of our wastewater facilities in Israel, ensuring proper compliance to the relevant authorities. These samples allow us to monitor the health of the system and identify problems upstream before they affect on the health of the system. In addition, remote monitoring of key operational parameters ensure that each system is running at peak efficiency, conserving energy and maximizing treatment capacity.

Every new construction comes standard with a service and maintenance contract, a detailed operational handbook, and on-site professional training, to ensure that the facility will run at it’s optimal performance.

Current Operating Projects Include:

  1. Hayarkon River, Polish WWTP – 25,0000 m3/d
  2. Zvulun Rgional Authority, Domestic WWTP - 1,000 m3/d
  3. Of Hanegev, Industrial WWTP, 2,300 m3/d
  4. Ramon Air Force Base, Domestic WWTP - 800 m3/d
  5. Manashe Regional Authority, Domestic WWTP, 3500 m3/d