Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Domestic, municipal & tourism sites wastewater treatment

Triple-T's TAYA system for the treatment of municipal waste water is based on gravel   media. After a pre-treatment that usually includes screening and primary settling, the waste water are treated aerobically in the TAYA system.

The TAYA effluent is suitable for irrigation or further tertiary treatment, depending on the regulations at each country.

When treating municipal waste water, the target is achieving high quality effluent in contradiction to agricultural and industrial waste water treatment. Moreover, the target is to achieve such high quality that is suitable for reuse or release as runoff.

The gravel media technology is allowing these quality achievements. The advantage of the gravel is its Accessibility worldwide.  

The Gravel fixed film process allows a very stable and robust system that is very important feature for any waste water treatment facility but is crucial for touristic sites. In cases that the fluctuation in flow are dramatically changing between seasons or over holidays and weekends, the gravel TAYA allows a constant stable effluent quality.

The total operational cost of this simple and well-engineered process is at the range of 20-25% of competing technologies due to:

Very low energy consumption.

20-30% of excess sludge production.

Minimum man power resources needed since there are no heavy electromechanical equipment or sludge handling on daily bases.