We take pride in our team that includes highly experienced wastewater professionals from the following fields: R&D, chemical & biotechnological process engineering, project management, construction, maintenance and operations.
Ofer Avidan
Ofer Avidan has been the CEO of the WFI Group for the last 12 years and is currently the CEO of ToxSorb as well. An accomplished agronomist both in Israel and abroad, Ofer has served as VP R&D for global organizations, specializing in agriculture in arid areas, hydroponic technology and the production of essential oils from plants. Ofer holds a B.Sc. in Agriculture and Plant Science from Hebrew University in Israel and is a graduate of the Tefen Entrepreneurs Program at Harvard Business School.
Motto: Keep going in spite of everything
Hobbies: Gardening and reading
Liron Schich
As CFO of WFI, Liron is in charge of all the financial aspects of the group including all business units. Prior to his role at WFI, Liron worked as corporate controller of the Miya Group, an Arison Investment company specializing in the water industry. Previously, Liron worked for PwC IL for 6 years where he audited privately and publicly traded local and international companies, Liron holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University.
Motto: Patience is key to success
Hobbies: Basketball, adventurous water parks (not just for kids) and walks on the beach
Dana Hubner
VP Business Development
Dana has over 10 years’ marketing and business consulting experience in the life science, water and wastewater sectors. Prior to WFI Group, Dana was a senior consultant at the Global Incentives Department of Ernest and Young (E&Y) and Sales and Marketing Manager of BioSight, a biopharmaceutical company. Dana is co-founder and director of ‘Ruach Nechona’, a social action charity and is on the management board of the Israel Export Institute. She holds a B.Sc in Marine science from Ruppin College, Michmoret, and an MBA in International Management from the College of Management, Rishon Le’zion in Israel.
Motto: Make the world better
Hobbies: Sunbathing - by sea, pool and lake!
Keren Aizenberg
R&D Manager
Keren is responsible for product development, planning, construction and operation of laboratory pilots in Israel and demonstration facilities abroad. Keren was part of the team that developed the TAYA technology and established Triple-T’s R&D department and lab and. Previously, she held the position of process engineer at Yodfat Engineers. Keren is an influencer in the biological treatment industry and shares her innovative ideas and knowledge worldwide. Keren holds a BA in Biotechnology Engineering from Ort Braude College.
Motto: Make decisions with your heart and live your life with courage
Hobbies: Photography and reading
Amir Zalel
Engineering Manager
Amir began working for Triple-T in 2011 as a Process Engineer and was promoted to Head of the Engineering Department in 2018. Within the scope of his work, Amir is in charge of detailed design and transition from pilots to full scale wastewater treatment facilities, design of upgraded and new plants as well as operational guidance and support.
Previously, Amir served as a Project Research Engineer and Research Assistant at the Technion dealing with projects related to wastewater treatment and air pollution.
Amir holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of technology.
Motto: Keep walking
Hobbies: Long distance walking - surrounded by nature
Dafna Pargament
Project Manager
Dafna has been a project manager at Triple-T since 2008, responsible for the execution of projects from the planning stage to final delivery of the facility to the customer. In the design phase, she coordinates between the customer, engineers, planners and authorities, while in the execution phase, she works with contractors, procurement and operating personnel. Dafna brings 20 years’ experience in management of public and academic organizations including set up, administration, project and team management. Dafna holds a BA in Social Sciences from the Open University and an MA in Public Systems Management from the University of Haifa
Motto: You can make a difference to the environment
Hobbies: carpentry, gardening and photography